Foods To Gain Weight

Foods To Gain Weight

Yo Skinny Guy/Girl,

Are you currently having to run around in the shower to get wet? Maybe you can wear a polo as a belt?

I'm allowed to say these things as I was exactly the same (I'm reclaiming it!!). I used to be extremely skinny, at nearly 6 foot tall I weighed just over 65kg and could nearly fit my hands the whole way around my waist.

I am now closing in on 80kg and don't intend to stop there.

I know how hard gaining weight can be, it's a problem not many people understand. Whilst most people are striving to keep weight off, we are trying damned hard to put it on. You will never get sympathy from anyone.

So now I'm here to help by showing you a selection of the best foods to gain weight.

In my upcoming book I go through the exact science behind safely putting on weight and show you how to work out exactly what you need to be taking in so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Today though I'm going to talk you through a few key foods you can add into your diet to help you boost your intake without putting your health at risk.

foods to gain weight

1. Nuts

Nuts and seeds are great for snacks, keep them in your draw at work or take them on the go with you. They contain protein, magnesium and unsaturated fatty acids and one or two portions a day can rack up a fair amount of caloires. My faves are almonds, cashews, brazil nuts and walnuts. Try and avoid nuts covered in salt or flavourings.


2. Bananas

Although I am personally ill everytime I eat the things, I know the benefits of bananas are immense, full of vitamins and minerals, a single small to medium size banana will add an extra 100 Cals to your diet.

3. Fruit Juice

Add one of your 5 a day with a glass of juice. A single 200ml glass of orange, pineapple or apple juice will add an extra 80-100 calories. Don't over indulge though as juice can harbour a severe amount of sugar.

4. Yoghurt

So many varieties to choose from. My personal favourite is greek style yoghurt. Throw in some cereal and a couple of tablespoons of honey and you have a snack that can pack around 500 calories. Thank you Greece, you may be shite with money but you make damn fine dairy products!!

5. Peanut butter

As with the nuts, you get a protein hit, a healthy fat hit, and a calorie wallop  in the region of 65 calories per teaspoon. (I have been known to sit and eat a jar of peanut butter with a spoon, this however is NOT advised, it will leave you sick and gasping for a drink.

6. Olive Oil

Protects your heart and adds 100 calories per tablespoon. Great on pasta dishes, salads and beautiful women.


As mentioned my book (still yet to be given a title, bear with me) goes into a lot more detail on gaining and losing weight. It also will detail the best exercises around for piling on a shit load of muscle.

So try throwing a few of these foods to gain weight into your daily diet. LETS GET BUFF!!




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