Hotel Room Workouts

Hotel Room Workouts

Hotel Room Workouts

Staying in a hotel is a great excuse for not working out. Here are a selection of hotel room workouts to keep you on track.

If your in a hotel, your generally on holiday, there for work, or there to have an illicit affair. In all these situatons only the latter will probably involve any form of exercise you naughty person you.

Now, whether you're just visiting a town a few miles down the road, or in some 6 star palace on the other side of the world, one thing is almost certain - your routine goes out the window.

People generally prefer to live in our little bubble, we workout in the same places, go to bed at the same time each day, run the same routes. When we're away all that changes. We might not have access to a gym, if there is one, it might not have the equipment we know and love. We sleep at odd hours. We don't have that familiar path to run, what if we get lost??

These factors will lead to one thing...slacking. We will skip our workouts and break our routine. This is the worst thing possible for progress. Miss just 2 sessions and you become 60% more likely to miss the next one.

Bad times.

Fortunately, I'm here to put you back on track, like some sort of fitness superhero, delivering you from the evils of "putting stuff off" and "can't be bothered".

These hotel room workouts are super simple, and will help you build those muscles, strip that fat and get your heart going all in one routine!! Holy multiple purpose circuit Batman!!

And just to make sure theres no excuses of it's too hard or too easy. I'm going to give you the choice of 3 levels - Protogé, Master, Superfreaking Hero.

Pick a workout and get stuck in.

Before you start the circuit, perform a warm up to get everything moving and firing nicely. Go for 30 seconds jogging on the spot, 30 jumping jacks, 10 alternate leg lunges, 10 press ups, 10 burpees, 30 secs jogging on the spot. No rest between exercises, just jump straight into the next one.

Right now everything is warm it's time for the workout. Your going to do a circuit, go from each exercise straight into the next one. We're going to use the Crossfit method of as many rounds as possible in an allocated time preiod. Your time period for this workout is 15 minutes. Ensure you use perfect form for each exercise, i don't want any crappy technique just to get further through.

So here are your three levels of circuit;



10 Press Ups (Hands on bed)

20 Bodyweight Squats

15 Dips (Hands on desk or chair)

20 Walking Lunges



15 Press ups (Normal)

20 Squats- Holding luggage bag.

20 Dips (Hands on chair or desk, feet on bed)

20 Walking Lunges- Holding luggage bag


Superfreaking Hero

20 Press Ups (Feet on chair or bed)

15 Single Leg Squats (each side)

30 Dips (As Master level but with luggage bag on lap)

30  Walking Lunges- Holding luggage bag overhead


After the workout spend 5-10 minutes having a good total body stretch off.


Remember - just because you're away, doesn't mean your good eating habits have to be forgotten.


Tried any of these hotel room workouts? Leave a comment and let us know how you got on.




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