“I don’t need to train legs”

Day in, day out I see the same thing at the gym, guy’s and in some cases girls that never, ever train legs.

When I ask why I generally get the same responses;

“It hurts”

Or the main one -

“I run/play football each week so that does my legs”



Running will NOT make your legs grow. You might get a bit more definition but there is physiologically no way your muscles will grow to the same proportions as your upper body without proper weight training.

Every day your legs carry you’re bodyweight around and barely register that they are working, you really think by speeding up that motion your going to force them to grow? The only way muscles grow is through overloading them, in the case of legs, this requires poundage/kilogrammage (yes I invented a word!).

When it comes to weight training for your legs, your best buddies are squats, deadlifts, lunges and variations of these. Leg press, curl, and extension machines will limit the amount of muscle’s being used so train smart and use the big compound movements.

Oh and as for anyone using the “it hurts” excuse to not train legs


Anyone using this excuse should be ejected from the gym and condemned to watch The Notebook and other such movies for the rest of eternity for being such a little bitch.





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