Snacking Like A Boss



Snacking during the day is where many people go wrong with their nutrition.

When stressed lots of us crave food, and the vending machine becomes our best buddy.

However, chocolate, crisps and sugary drinks will torpedo your diet if you’re not careful.

So here are Jack’s snacking heroes;

1)      Beef Jerky

Jerky is my favourite snack.

I’m yet to be fed exotic fruits on a white sand beach by Jessica Alba, so for now Jerky is my favourite snack.

For anyone wanting to put on muscle, jerky is a fantastic snack. A packet will deliver a big protein punch whilst being generally low in fat and carbohydrate as long as you pick the right brand (just check the label, more than 4g carbs per 50g serving = full of sugar). Packets can be easily grabbed and stored in a desk draw or in the car for on the go snacks.

Plus jerky has the added benefit of making you feel uber manly. Few things beat aggressively munching some jerky in terms of manliness. It comes a close second to saving a damsel…from a crocodile…in a burning building…with your shirt off….blindfolded….with one hand….because your other hand is being used to hold the whisky your drinking.


2)      Peanut butter

PB is great for post-workout snacking.

Grab a couple of brown ricecakes or oatcakes. Cover in PB and add a drizzle of honey over the top.

This gives you a good hit of protein, good fats and a mix of slow and fast carbs.

Just go easy on the jelly.


3)      Protein powder snacks (not shakes)

Protein powder really can be versatile. You can mix it into all kinds of snacks and treats to boost your protein intake through the day.

There are thousands of possible recipes available online, some of the best I have found are here;

So man up, put on a pinny, and do some baking!






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