Fitness Myth – Women lifting heavy weights will get bulky

Hello Ladies...and maybe some blokes.


Today I'm going to tackle one of the biggest myths surrounding fitness.

“Men should lift heavy weights and women should only lift light weights or just do cardio to avoid getting bulky”.


Let me tell you, lifting heavy weights will NOT make you look like you’re on steroids; you simply don’t have the testosterone levels to build big muscles.

Bodybuilders (even female ones) will also consume a diet containing thousands more calories than you do, this is in order to put on size. So unless you're consuming 15 chickens a day, the chances of you getting big and bulky are pretty slim.

Lifting heavy weights will in fact help you lose body fat by speeding up your metabolism. You will be able to eat more, yet still lose fat!

Increased muscle mass means your body will be using more energy through the day doing your daily tasks. You will also get more defined and "toned", more athlete than skeletal catwalk model, and trust me, from a male's perspective, this is much more attractive!



So here are my top tips for girls getting into resistance training:

1. If you don’t do any kind of resistance training – start now!  (3-4 times a week).

2. Keep a log of the weights you're lifting, this way you can see that you're improving which is great for motivation.

3. Equipment that can be used include dumbells , medicine ball , kettlebells and barbells

4. Some great exercises include Deadlifting, Lunges , Pushups, Rows, Squats and Pull ups. Using exercises that work lots of muscles will result in faster results.

5. Nutrition is extremely important to getting results. 20% training 80% nutrition is the ratio needed to get results.

6. Girls that can do pull ups are sexy...fact

7. Squats = Amazing bums!


So get to it!

If you have never done any form of weight training before it might be an idea to get a fitness professional to help teach you the basics.

Here's a basic circuit you can start with;

  • Squats (Barbell)
  • Press ups
  • Lunges (Dumbells)
  • Seated Row (Cable)
  • Kettlebell Swings

Do 15 reps of each with little/no rest in between. At the end have a rest for 1 minute then repeat a further 3 times. Use a weight that challenges you but doesn't compromise your technique.

The days of men being the only strong sex are over!

What are your views on girls weight training?

Are you a girl that currently trains with weights?

Please leave a comment below and let me know what your views are on this subject!




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